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Friends of Lake Tahoe:

Friends of Lake Tahoe (FLT) was created in 2010 specifically to halt the construction of an industrial scale biomass burning power plant less than a mile from the water on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe. The environmentally dangerous project was sponsored jointly by Placer County and the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA). Given the nature of the air inversion ecology of Tahoe's Basin, this plant would have cast a haze not only over the North Shore, but throughout the Basin degrading air and water quality everywhere.

The organization was set up by a retired political science professor, who is a long term second home owner at the lake, as a tax exempt, nonprofit, public benefit, 501 (c) 4, corporation to promote the common welfare of the Tahoe Region. Mobilizing local full-time residents and second home owners, he and his coalition supporters initiated a national and international campaign to relocate the plant outside the Basin.

After nearly a year long intense campaign which focused on lobbying and exposing the fallacious arguements that supported the plant, as well as mobilizing major political leaders in California, the TRPA withdrew its support for the project-thereby terminating it. The plant is now being constructed where FLT said it should: at Cabin Creek, near Truckee, and outside the ecologically fragile Basin. It was a tremendous victory for everyone!

The Beginnings:
Original Website that Halted the biomass plant!

Since this victory, FLT has worked diligently and successfully to enhance the power of local residents and particualarly non-resident property owners in the determination of governmental policies affecting the Basin. While unable to cast ballots at the lake regarding policies and candidates, second home owners greatly outnumber full-time residents and finance through taxes and fees much of what happens at Tahoe. The fact that they have been left out of the governance equation is unconsionable in FLT's judgement. FLT has taken steps, consequently, to change that.

These include:

For more information about the nonprofit, please review this website and the one that resulted in victory regarding the biomass plant (in order to understand the comprehensive nature of that campaign),and drop us a note at Info Request

Join us and help us empower you by empowering us!

Friends of Lake Tahoe is a Volunteer Organiztion and Donations
to Help Us Help You protect Lake Tahoe are Welcome.

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Friends of Lake Tahoe
P.O. Box 1464
Tahoe City, CA 96145

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