Provisos:  Opinions, Facts, and Beliefs


 Because it is a common error made regularly by people, particularly regarding political matters of disagreement, a stringent effort throughout this website has been made to avoid expressing opinions as facts.  And, we shall also point out when it has been problematic on the behalf of others.  For example, Placer County’s FAQ section regarding the biomass energy plant in its website states that the facility will not cause pollution.  It is a fact that such is stated in their website but it is not a fact regarding the issue of pollution and the plant.   They simply state their opinion, which is supported by no science, as a fact.  Simply saying it doesn’t make it so.  Similarly, as explained elsewhere in this website, Placer County and TRPA have made claims in official documents that they have since, once challenged, recanted.   When we have found disinformation and misinformation, we have endeavored to expose it. 


The point is that we have sought to be as “factual” as possible in this document and when we state what we “believe” to be the case, it is because there are facts that support such a belief.  For example, while the Environmental Impact Report regarding this project has not yet been written, we believe it will suffer from errors in fact and particularly errors of omission.   That is because we have a number of reasons to believe that.  On each occasion we shall endeavor to explain the bases for our beliefs.