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We have much to do together to halt the construction of the biomass

facility proposed by Placer County and the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency for the

 North Shore of Lake Tahoe in Kings Beach.


The first task is for you to familiarize yourself with the topic and the actions

 that need to be taken in order to promote an understanding on behalf of both

the public and significant elected officials about why this project needs to be terminated.


Become a knowledgeable spokesperson against the facility!

This website is structured to help you with that task.


Confusion based on misunderstanding stemming from misinformation and disinformation

has clouded the issue.  Well intentioned individuals, even some in high places,

are uncertain as to the nature and impacts of building such a plant.


The “Executive Summary”

provides you with a quick overview of the matter.


The “Policy Positions and Talking Points”

provides you with a more detailed understanding of the problems that

 are intertwined with the project.  While designed to be read

 sequentially, because the topics lead one to another,

you may also click and read any at random as they are also written to stand alone.


The “Myths”

section of the website provides you with a quick, handy, and easily understood

list of misunderstandings that are also corrected with contrasting “Reality.”


The “Take-Action”

button provides you with list of the actions available to you to oppose the plant.


The other sections, tabs, and buttons to be clicked on are self-explanatory:


Please Contribute,


Fill out the Institutional Endorsement Section if you qualify,


Sign our Petition,


Become a Friend of the Friends of Lake Tahoe at our Facebook Page:  “Friends of Lake Tahoe”