Friends of Lake Tahoe:
The Voice of a Powerful Coalition of Local Residents and Non-Resident Property Owners United for a Common Cause!

In General:

“Friends of Lake Tahoe” is a Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation organized under the Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation Law for Public Purposes and is dedicated to preserving, protecting, and promoting the overall social welfare of the community and environment of the Lake Tahoe region. It is a tax exempt 501 C4 organization.

Established as a citizen based issue advocacy organization, it primarily focuses on education and nonpartisan civic engagement projects. It lobbies governmental entities and legislators regarding matters related to its purpose to make sure that public voices are heard, particularly those of non-resident Tahoe area property owners.

Contributions are not used to support or oppose federal, state, or local candidates or ballot issues.
Contributions are not tax deductible.

More Specifically:

“Friends of Lake Tahoe” is a new and politically potent organization because it represents the combined power of local residents with non-resident property owners. Both groups provide the tax and fee receipts for the region, love and care about the area, and are mutually supportive in their desire to have local governing agencies be responsive to their wishes. The organization is not membership based but population base, signifying a bridge connecting all of those who have vital interests in the preservation and well being of the Lake Tahoe Basin. When Friends of Lake Tahoe speaks it is the voice of the Basin - locals, non-locals, and visitors from all over the world!

Additionally, Friends of Lake Tahoe also exists to offer itself to serve and assist as a unifying political leadership organization and forum for the coordination of the multiple citizen based special interest groups in the region.

Current Primary Objective:

Halt the Approval of the Biomass Power Plant Proposed North Shore.

While its overall mission transcends any one issue, the catalyst for the establishment of the organization and current primary objective is to halt the environmentally and economically disastrous construction of a Biomass Power Plant in the Tahoe Basin on the North Shore that is proposed jointly by Placer County and the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency.

While we favor biomass-to-energy processing plants because they are green, they pollute and must be prohibited in the Tahoe Basin!

All Biomass Burning Should Be Banned in the Basin!